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Preparing Kali linux for penetration testing/vulnerability assessment

We all know what Kali linux is and what it’s used for. What we need is a comprehensive guide or reminder how to install it and set it up from the scratch. And make it more powerful by adding some … Continue reading

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Sending syslog messages from a Linux box to SIEM

Let’s imagine that we need to direct log messages from our Linux box to SIEM solution. For centralized management/backup or correlation purposes. How do we do that? This article is about SuSE Linux or SLES, but it can be easily … Continue reading

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Setting up SLES Linux as a NFS server for vSphere 5.x Lab

In the VMware vSphere 5.1 lab on our laptops blog, we have used Linux SLES distro as our NFS server. In that blog I said it was easy to install and setup this Linux to be a NFS server for … Continue reading

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Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on Linux with GNS3 and VMware

What the heck? You didn’t think that the Spanning Tree Protocol or STP is something that is only related to Cisco gear, did you? Well, it is not. It is standard based protocol defined in the IEEE 802.1D. At least … Continue reading

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Connecting VMware Workstation and Cisco GNS3 Lab – Linux Edition

On August the 7th in 2013, we talked about connecting Cisco world made in GNS3 to another world, the VMware Workstation world. All on our laptops. We can recall this lab by clicking here. This way we could run Cisco … Continue reading

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