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Renewing Cisco ASA identity certificate

Let’s say that we use certificates for authenticating our VPN connections. It does not matter if they are traditional Cisco IPSec or new AnyConnect clients. If we did not set our PKI infrastructure and ASA for auto enroll, what is … Continue reading

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Installing SSL certificate on Cisco ACS Server II

Way back on October the 17th, 2011, we talked about installing a SSL certificate on Cisco ACS 4.x version. Now it’s time to do the same on version 5.x. We have upgraded by now, haven’t we To recap from this … Continue reading

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Installing SSL certificate on Cisco ACS Server

Perhaps you found yourself in the position when you wanted to use HTTPS for accessing your ACS server. Or maybe you needed to set it up for some kind of EAP authentication method like EAP-TLS or EAP-PEAP for your wireless … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA and VPN Client with certificate authentication (RSA-SIG)

Last time I wrote about PKI, NDES and setting up ASA to use these. I promised to talk about setting up remote access VPN with Cisco VPN client and certs. So, off we go… At this point we have PKI … Continue reading

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Installing trusted SSL certificate on Radware AppXcel appliance

There is this company Radware (www.radware.com) that makes, among other things, SSL accelerators. This device is generally used for e-commerce apps by terminating SSL/TLS client requests, decrypting the traffic and passing the traffic to inside server. The big idea behind … Continue reading

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