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PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

IKEv2 between IOS routers with certificate authentication

We are about to switch from pre-shared keys IKEv2 authentication to an authentication with digital certificates. Our topology remains the same, but router named SERVER has two more functions. It’s a time server and a CA server: Let’s change our … Continue reading

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Renewing Cisco ASA identity certificate

Let’s say that we use certificates for authenticating our VPN connections. It does not matter if they are traditional Cisco IPSec or new AnyConnect clients. If we did not set our PKI infrastructure and ASA for auto enroll, what is … Continue reading

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Installing SSL certificate on Cisco ACS Server II

Way back on October the 17th, 2011, we talked about installing a SSL certificate on Cisco ACS 4.x version. Now it’s time to do the same on version 5.x. We have upgraded by now, haven’t we To recap from this … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA and VPN Client with certificate authentication (RSA-SIG)

Last time I wrote about PKI, NDES and setting up ASA to use these. I promised to talk about setting up remote access VPN with Cisco VPN client and certs. So, off we go… At this point we have PKI … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA and Microsoft Enterprise CA

I’m sure most of you guys had opportunity to set up an IPSec VPN tunnel between two (Cisco) devices. I’m also almost certain that most of the time you used pre-shared keys for authentication. The reason for this is simple: … Continue reading

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