Welcome to Popravak family blog. We are cyber family. Some members are doing IT for living, so you will find that most of context in this blog is IT related.

We speak English and Serbian, but most of articles will be in English.

13 Responses to About

  1. Denny says:

    Hi ,

    This is Denny, the creator of this free automated employee
    provisioning/termination app– Z-hire. I wrote this app for the TechNet community a year ago.

    Since you run a very informative blog, I would like your help
    spread the word. Since my application is free, i need supporters from the
    community. It would means a lot if you can help.

    Here is a link to my app


  2. Hey ,this is a great blog.Well explained and real time scenario are in example.great work

  3. kapshure says:

    Hi, I have a question about the configuration in the ASA Active/Active Config that you did here:


    Can I ask you a few questions about this?

  4. Den says:

    Can you help me with ASA software upgrade and configuration?
    Please contact me by e-mail to discuss terms.

  5. Siegi says:

    Thanks god i found this site for Sourcefire. Great articles here. Got it running in a few hours.

  6. Zach says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I have been professionally utilizing Sourcefire (Firepower/Firesight Management Center) since May of this year. Your blog has been very helpful in providing good examples and your experience aids in my configuration, and usage of the appliances and managed devices that I administer. I am also using the SFR modules on ASAs and understand the “pain” with having a managed device (IPS sensor) piggy-backing on an ASA; especially the upgrade issues.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful insight and information.

  7. Shubham says:

    Amazing blog, real world scenario with examples, great work, very helpful to understand

    Thanks a lot………………

  8. Raf says:

    Good morning, congratulation for your blog because there are a lot of interesting articles. I’m trying to configure Qualys connector in Cisco source fire NGIPS, anyone have just test it? Thank you

  9. Jane says:

    My maiden name is Popravak. Born in Chicago Illinois USA. Is that your name too?

  10. Tommy Wilson says:

    i have found you blog very interesting and helpful. Thanks for creating it.
    I’m trying to configure an ASA-5505 behind a comcast business gateway and have some questions. The gateway includes a wireless feature that I would like to use but when I install the ASA it blocks access from the wifi. I have considered using a separate wifi inside the network. Beside the firewall features I need to implement a static site-to-site VPN. Can you suggest how this can be configured? Thanks

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