Radware AppXcel password reset

It’s been a while from our last blog regarding the Radware AppXcel SSL accelerator. Now it’s time for a very brief topic: how to recover or reset the default administrator password?

The admin username in AppXcel is radware and the default password is also radware. If for some reason we don’t know the password and need to gain access to the box, here is what we need to do.

We need to connect to the box with the serial cable and use a speed of 19200. This is important to remember. Most other devices use the speed of 9600 but not the AppXcel. This can be changed later, but the default is what it is.

Once we connect to the box we will receive the login prompt. For the username we type emerg and for the password we type !reset! (with exclamation marks). Finally we respond with YES at the confirmation prompt. That’s it! The box will reboot with the default credentials of radware/radware.

This is how it actually looks like:

AppXcel login:
AppXcel login: emerg
Password: !reset! (we can’t see this password)
10/16/2014 09:34:34 info User emerg has logged in via console.

You have chosen to reset the device to factory defaults.
Are you sure (YES/No)
Setting eth0 to auto negotiate mode on
Setting eth1 to auto negotiate mode on

AppXcel boot:
Loading AppXcel

AppXcel login: radware
Password: radware (we can’t see this password)
Radware AppXcel Version 1.11.09 Build Mar_10_2011_15-29-06
Base MAC: 0010F31240C0
10/16/2014 09:36:33 info User radware has logged in via console.


Be advised: the old configuration will be lost during this proces!

Thanks for reading.


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