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Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on Linux with GNS3 and VMware

What the heck? You didn’t think that the Spanning Tree Protocol or STP is something that is only related to Cisco gear, did you? Well, it is not. It is standard based protocol defined in the IEEE 802.1D. At least … Continue reading

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Connecting VMware Workstation and Cisco GNS3 Lab – Linux Edition

On August the 7th in 2013, we talked about connecting Cisco world made in GNS3 to another world, the VMware Workstation world. All on our laptops. We can recall this lab by clicking here. This way we could run Cisco … Continue reading

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What is going on with vSphere Web Client?

We all know that with version of 5.1 of vSphere, VMware introduced the new vSphere Web Client for managing our virtual datacenters. Personally, I like it. It takes some time to get used to it, but once we do, I … Continue reading

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Why do we need a VMware Tools in our Virtual Machines?

I remember the days of the discussions on if we need or not a VMware tools installed in our virtual machines. Back then there were voices for both “yea” and “nay”, but now days it seems that most of those … Continue reading

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Adding RSA SecurID Authentication Manager Replica Instance

We have deployed our RSA SecurID Authentication Manager (AM) for using two factor authentication for our VPN clients, for securing inherently non secure protocols, making e-commerce safe, … whatever, but what if our AM fails? Well, we can recover from … Continue reading

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