Setting up time on Cisco VNMC, Nexus1000V, VSG and ASA1000V

Some time ago we have seen how to install and setup VNMC, Nexus1000V and VSG.  It all went well, but recently I was failing to do another installation because of time being out of sync. This seems trivial, but there is some things that need to be taken care of. Such as NTP. All devices should, or should I say – must, use a NTP for time sync. If we had incorrect times, policy agents on VSG or VSM won’t install successfully with this error message:

Nexus1000V-SPOP# show vnm-pa status
VNM Policy-Agent status is – Installation Failure
System Time Out-Of-Sync with VNMC !!

Even if times were in sync, but NTP server was not configured, we still may receive this error. So, how do we set up a NTP server?


  • NTP server on VNMC

Under VNMC web GUI, we go under “Administration->VNMC Profile->root->VNMC Profile->default” and on the right hand side under “Policy” tab we add NTP servers and click “Save”. This was easy!


  • NTP server on Nexus1000V

This is done via CLI on the VSM:

Nexus1000V-SPOP# conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Nexus1000V-SPOP(config)# ntp server

  • NTP server on VSG

This could be tricky. If policy agent is setup and installation was not successful because of time sync, we don’t have the option to change or add NTP server. The command is not available:


So we must remove the policy agent:

no policy-agent-image bootflash:/vnmc-vsgpa.2.0.1a.bin
show vnm-pa status
VNM Policy-Agent status is – Not Installed

And try again. This time, the command IS available:


After we configure the NTP server, we retry policy agent installation.

  • NTP server on ASA1000V

We have to setup ESXi hosts to use NTP servers. When we install ASA1000V, it will receive the time from the ESXi host.

Now all our infrastructure is in time sync!

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