An appeal to vendors – educational licence

I’m sure that you like me learn stuff with evaluation licenses for different products. In a way, it’s ok, but me personally have lack of time. Meaning, 30, 60 or 90 days very often is not enough for evaluate or learn stuff. Well, it is if that’s the only thing you do in that period.

Why wouldn’t vendors make “educational licences”. What would that be?

Let’s have a Cisco, for example. They could release educational licences for, say, ACS, vWLC, ISE, … These licences would allow unlimited time, unlimited functionality for two devices only! For ACS this could be two of any combination of switches, routers, firewalls, … For vWLC they could allow us to do everything for all eternity for only two APs. For ISE, same thing.

Microsoft? It’s nice to have an evaluation of SCCM2012 for some time, but why not having unlimited functionalities forver, for two PCs and two servers?

VMware? Same thing. Give us a Virtual Center unlimited for all times, that can support only two ESXi hosts with only two-four VMs.

What’s the loss for you big guys?


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