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Outbound path selection with BGP

Recently I was involved in a BGP implementation project and it was a nice opportunity to recall the old good CCNP days and to expand my knowledge a bit. It was quite nice working on this project. Except for RIPE … Continue reading

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Windows 8 and GNS3. Already?

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not kind of guy that rushes to install newest and “greatest” Windows products, but one of my laptops is crying out loud to be reinstalled! Windows 7 *was* working nice these years, but … Continue reading

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ASA firewall in multiple context mode

In our previous blog, we saw that the ASA can be virtualized into many virtual firewalls or contexts. Now, we will see how. We will use this topology:   We will focus on ASA1 physical box and set it up. … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA firewall virtualization

This virtualization thing is not reserved for servers or desktops. There are virtualization concepts in the network world. Segmenting a switch with VLANs is one example. Another example is virtual IPS sensor where we can have up to four virtual … Continue reading

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Cisco ASA Active/Standby failover in 5 minutes

You don’t believe me? Here it goes… First we need to know some facts about failover. ASA can run an Active/Standby or Active/Active failover. In A/S, only one box is passing traffic while the other sits and waits for active … Continue reading

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