Basic set-up of Radware AppXcel Box

The main idea behind this is to set up basic stuff from within CLI and to proceed from GUI. There is a catch to start with: most equipment I worked with used the same serial port “Baud rate” setting of 9600, but for setting radware we must use the value of 19200, like this:

After this we connect to radware serial port with cable that came along with it and power it on.  When it boots up, we log in using radware/radware combination. Now it is necessary to set up the operation mode, either “bridge” or “proxy”. In my case, I will go ahead and select “proxy”. In this step I will also chose the management port  and specify its address and netmask:

[AppXcel]$ appxcel mode set proxy 10.x.y.244 -inf Lan1
Are you sure you want to set the device to mode proxy? (Y/N) y
Setting eth0 to auto negotiate mode on
Setting eth1 to auto negotiate mode on

Please wait ...

Active mode is: proxy


If I want to reach this management interface from outside of this VLAN (and I do), I need to specify the default gateway or at least set up a static route. I will go ahead with default gateway:

[AppXcel]$ net route table create defaultgw 10.x.y.1
Default gateway was created successfully


You can set up now a different password (please do so now, because you might forget 🙂 )

[AppXcel]$ system passwd
Enter new password:
The CWI engine is restarted in order for changes in the User Table to be applied.
All management users connected via CWI will be disconnected.


Now place this box in the rack and continue config from web based interface. You may also check for other articles regarding radware appliance here and here.

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