Adding a Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Adding a loopback adapter, how complicated that could be? Well, not complicated at all, but it is a necessery step for interconnecting GNS3 labs with VMWare Workstation machines or even a physical world. Beside, I need a short blog for a change 🙂

This blog applies to both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. I’m sure it will work for other Windows OSs as well, but I did tried on these two.

The easiest way of beginning the procedure is starting a hardware wizard. Go Start  and type “hdwwiz” and press enter.  The “Add Hardware” wizard starts:

After clicking “Next”, select “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)”:

Select “Network Adapters”:

From the “Manufacturer” list chose Microsoft and from “Network Adapter” pick “Microsoft Loopback Adapter”:

Go “Next-Next-Finish” and you have a Loopback adapter installed. It is a good idea to rename this adapter in “Network and Sharing Center”  from, say,  “Local Area Connection 3” to LOOPBACK3, vmnet3 or something that makes more sense to you in the following steps. You don’t need to set up an IP address to this adapter or change any other parameters at this time. You should reboot your computer, though.

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