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Cisco IPS sensor scenario one – Promiscuous mode

Like I said in my previous blog, there are four ways of placement of Cisco IPS 4200 sensors. This time, we are going to see how this is done in promiscuous mode. In this mode the sensor is not inline … Continue reading

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Blocking/shunning attackers with Cisco IPS and ASA

As we all know Cisco IPS 4200 series of sensors can be set up in four ways or modes in our network: Promiscuous mode Inline interface pair mode Inline VLAN pair mode VLAN Group Mode   We will deal with … Continue reading

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Authenticating Cisco ASA users using RSA SDI protocol

Anyone still using RSA Authentication Manager (AM) after this infamous break-in? Well, if the answer is yes, read on… If we are using EMC/RSA Authentication Manager to authenticate our users, we can do so two ways. First, we can use … Continue reading

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Basic set-up of Radware AppXcel Box

The main idea behind this is to set up basic stuff from within CLI and to proceed from GUI. There is a catch to start with: most equipment I worked with used the same serial port “Baud rate” setting of … Continue reading

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Adding a Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Adding a loopback adapter, how complicated that could be? Well, not complicated at all, but it is a necessery step for interconnecting GNS3 labs with VMWare Workstation machines or even a physical world. Beside, I need a short blog for … Continue reading

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