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Radware traffic flow

Ok, now we have our certs installed on Radware appliance and it’s time to do something with them… Before we go ahead and create SSL tunnels that clients are about to use, first we should discuss a little bit the … Continue reading

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Installing trusted SSL certificate on Radware AppXcel appliance

There is this company Radware ( that makes, among other things, SSL accelerators. This device is generally used for e-commerce apps by terminating SSL/TLS client requests, decrypting the traffic and passing the traffic to inside server. The big idea behind … Continue reading

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Very, very strange ASA IPSec VPN issue with a Perl script workaround

For a long period of time we, in the company I worked for, were having this strange issue with L2L IPSec to one of our partners.┬áThe issue manifests itself in a very strange way: every some number of rekeys the … Continue reading

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Hello my friend and welcome!

Welcome to Popravak family blog. We are cyber family. Some members are doing IT for living, so you will find that most of context in this blog is IT related. We speak English and Serbian, but most of articles will … Continue reading

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